Welcome to PERS AM-deburring

You have the parts – PERS AM deburring has surface treatment and machine solutions


Your professional partner when it comes to ovens for industries, furnaces for laboratories.
Furnaces /ovens for use in the heat treatment of metal-printed parts and for curing powder coated parts.


Your professional partner when it comes to blasting and we more than 50 years of experience in portable sandblasting equipment, sandblasting accessories, manual sandblast cabinets, personal protective equipment and compressed air preparation equipment.


Your professional partner when it comes to deburring – Pers AM-deburring has extensive experience with deburring machines and consumables. The required finishing results, machine size and weight of the treated parts are important aspects to select the right media composition and size to achieve the optimum process. Different types of media with different amounts of abrasives are needed for the different processes.


Your professional partner both develops new products and cooperates with renowned international manufacturers, and we can therefore offer highly developed process chemicals. These process chemicals fully meet the requirements of the high-tech industry.

Ordering of the most common process compounds and consumables can be found here.