High accuracy electric muffle furnaces is a universal laboratory furnaces, firing up to 1800°C and designed for material testing and heat treatment such as hardening, loosening, normalising ceramic and stoneware samples. To eliminate gases or smokes that are released during thermal processing, an exhaust system may be additionally installed in the product. The furnaces is an excellent fit for scientific laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios, medicine and industry.

Economical low temperature ovens is designed for thermal treatment such as drying, heating, thermal testing, aging and similar purposes in natural air-flow environment up to 350°C. Good technical parameters ensure to high-quality results. These ovens can be used in scientific laboratories, educational institutions, medicine and industry.

High-accuracy industrial electric furnaces are designed by professional engineers and made from high-quality materials.  Furnaces are equipped with ceramic or heat resistant steel hearth plates, depending on your application. They can be applied in metal and other branches of industry, and used for hardening, normalizing, stress relieving, or other thermal treatment processes up to 1300 °C. Also, the furnaces is fit with vents for removal of escaping gases or smoke during the thermal treatment process.

Universal industrial electric furnaces / ovens with induced air circulation are designed by a group of professional engineers and made from high quality materials, such as heavy-duty metal parts and thermal insulation materials. The air circulation ensures an even temperature distribution and achieves great uniformity. Fit with a selection of precise digital controllers and certified heating elements to ensure excellent temperature stability. The application variety ranges from electronic, plastic or metal to other branches of industry, with the possibilities to use this product line for curing, primary heating, and other thermal processes up to 350 °C.

High accuracy gas muffle furnace 8,2/1100 is a universal industrial gas oven, firing up to 1100 C and designed heat treatment such as hardningen, loosening, normalising of 3 D printed items.