About us

Innovative solutions and knowledge

Increasingly stringent quality and precision requirements, new materials and rising cost pressures are attracting more and more attention to deburring, rounding and machining of precision surfaces in the manufacturing industry.

The demands on the quality of the surfaces of 3D printed parts increase as a result. Carrying out the necessary post-processes, such as cleaning, deburring, surface finishing, heat treatment or coating, is therefore a significant cost factor and decisively decisive for the industrial use of additively manufactured parts.

Pers AM-Deburring, a member of the Pers Group, has more than 50 years of experience and with our focus on technologies for deburring, rounding and machining of precision surfaces we have the solutions to enable you to treat your 3D printed parts.

We have been in the metal finishing industry for over 50 years. Our products include deburring machines, vibratory machines, blast cabinets, heat treatment furnaces ect.

Our Test center

We invite our customers to not only visit us online, but also to visit our test center for a demonstration of how we can save you money, time and improve the overall finish quality of your parts.

We Offer

Furnaces for use in the heat treatment of metal-printed parts
Furnaces for curing powder coated parts

Ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning workpieces

Blast cabinets with motor basket for removal of plastic media after printing

Blast cabinets for surface treatment with glass and corundum

Vibrating machines and troughs for deburring and polishing

Centrifugal disc machines for deburring and polishing