AM VM 104 TS-K – 27 kg. can. Liquid, neutral degreasing compound with good corrosion protection

AM VM 104 TS-K is a compound which is to be added in a 2-6 % solution.

The container size contains 27 kg. fluid.

AM VM 104 TS-K is a liquid, effective cleaning compound used in
closed systems in connection with vibration deburring. The product is suitable for degreasing iron and steel, where oil and grease are effectively removed, while keeping the abrasive clean.
AM VM 104 TS-K provides iron and steel parts with good temporary corrosion protection by concentrations above 5%.
The product has added low foaming surfactants which in operation minimize foaming.
Effective grease and oil and sludge separator in closed recirculation systems.

AM VM 104 TS-K is developed for degreasing greased workpieces in both rotary vibrators and centrifugal machines.