AM White fused alumina F80 Size 150-212µm – 25 kg. bags

AM White fused alumina is a highly pure form of aluminium oxide which is suitable for use with stainless steel and aluminium. This iron-free, reusable blasting medium is angular, brittle and hard. It has a powerful abrasive effect on the surface being blasted. AM White fused alumina belongs to the group of fused alumina

Blasting systems:
– Pressure blast systems
– Injection blast cabinets

– Cleaning metallic surfaces with removal of material (abrasive effect)
– Removing rust and scale from metallic surfaces
– Removing tempering color

Surface finishing:
– Creating a matt finish on surfaces
– Producing specific visual effects

– Roughening metallic surfaces
– Creating a matt finish on glass
– Deburring
– Processing very hard components