AM 5,0 Vibra-Line 1500M

Vibra-Line 1500M:

Semi automatic round vibrator machine with 150 L. bowl and with a noise reduction lid.

The U-formed bowl has vertical straight sides and an automatic discharging exit. Where ever the product is in touch with the machine the machine is coated with a min. of 22 mm. yellow PU (Polyurethane) coating.

The Working bowl handle from 50 L. up to 100 L. of product per charge, depending on the shape of the individual parts.

The deburring itself is operated on the manual touch screen where also the time, speed and water/compound is individually set.

The noise reduction lid as well as the discharging flap is pneumatically controlled. The finished products are discharged by lowering the discharging flap into the bowl itself – thus the finished products will be discharge from the “Vibra-Line” machine. On the touch screen (through the frequency converter) also the discharging speed can be regulated.

Machine data Vibra-Line 5.0 – 1500M:

Engine effect:  2.2 kW. over the frequency converter
Capacity L.: 150 L.
Bowl diameter:  260 mm.
Screed in bowl:  22 mm. yellow or brown PU
Connection:   3×380 V, 16 Amp. CEE socket Gray
Machine color:  Ral 7015/7035
Main measurement Ø x H:   1,220 x 1,040 mm.
Weight : 320 kg.